The Anima Canvas.JPG

What is The Anima Canvas?

"Anima" is the Latin term for "Soul" or "Life". 

Given the way our society is today, our minds are always on the go. Our brains are always working, whether it be school or our jobs. The notion behind "The Anima Canvas" is that our life consists of more than just our work. Life is also about the little things that fuel your soul. Things like enjoying a book in a quiet coffee shop or watching the birds fly when hiking. Your life itself is an art work. Give your soul an opportunity to speak.

This website and all that is displayed here, is my canvas. Here you will be able to see snapshots of my life. It is my soul being inspired by the world and expressing itself through the content that I create. The Art is not limited to one particular form; hence you may see the manifestation of my soul in the form of carvings, paintings, photography, writing or what have you. There is no pressure to satisfy anything or anyone. I create for the sake of creating in and of itself. I create to let my soul speak. 

I hope you enjoy the dreams my soul designs.