About Me 

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Hi there!

My name is Hanson. I am a self taught Canadian Wood Carver. While my primary form of art is Relief Carving, I also like to venture into different forms of art. Occasionally, I will change the medium slightly (such as spray paint art or sketches) or take on a completely different form all together (such as poetry or written work). 

As of 2017, I have completed my undergraduate studies in a Joint Honours Program, studying Biomedical Science and Psychology (B.Sc). 

While currently working, I am aspiring to be a physician in the future, hopefully specializing in palliative care and/or psychiatry. After a series of stressful life events during my undergraduate career, I turned to art as a means of self care. I wood carve to gather my thoughts and to relax my mind. I carve to care for my own well-being, after all, I do have a responsibility towards myself.    

After carving for a few years, I have decided to create this website. The purpose of this website is predominately for me to express and share my art as well as personal thoughts, opinions on recent life events. I hope you enjoy my work and that the things I discuss will inspire you to reflect on recent events in your own life, but with a different perspective. If not, I wish that what I write about is at least stimulating and/or something to think about. 

Please enjoy your stay.